Ministry Leader: Chris Woodruff

Mission Statement

Embracing the vision and mission of our Living Faith Community Church, we are connected and focused on winning souls for Christ while equipping believers for the work of the ministry through a lifestyle of praise and worship.

The mission of the Living Faith Community Church Rejoicing Ministry is to build a strong ministry family of believers who have been gifted by God with various music and arts abilities that can be effectively utilized corporately to build the Kingdom of God in this ministry, our church, our local community and around the world. Passionately, we seek to be and become "who He has called us to be."


Praise Dance Ministry (Basic) Requirement Considerations:

  1. Be an active and supportive member of Living Faith Community Church
  2. Successfully complete all required and/or recommended membership classes
  3. Interview with the Minister of Music and/or designated Rejoicing Ministry leadership before serving
  4. When scheduled, attend and be punctual to all scheduled serving opportunities, rehearsals/practices and pre-worship service sound checks
  5. Attend three (3) consecutive scheduled practices before serving and/or participating in a scheduled worship service
  6. Have necessary equipment and/or ability to listen and review practice material.
  7. Prayerfully consider and decided on one of three Rejoicing Ministry commitment levels: six (6), twelve (12) or twenty-four (24) months
  8. Commit to church attendance outside of Rejoicing Ministry commitment (i.e., Bible Study, LIFE Groups, Outreach, Mission, etc)
  9. Be respectful, teachable, accountable, approachable and ministry focused
  10. Be committed to prayer, worshiping the Lord and glorifying God.


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Family Bible Study

Family Bible Study

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